“People often go on about great teachers. And when most reflect on great teachers, they think back to their days in high school or college. I think about my lessons with Jason at Gruv Studio. Jason is one of those rare teachers who has the ability to adapt his teaching to his student’s needs and desires – there’s no singular, tunnel-vision formula to Jason’s teaching style. Yes, there are the basics. But like a tree, each student branches his or her own direction and Jason is there at every step, with a smile and words of encouragement as each student breaks through a barrier or is struck by one of those sudden epiphanies that stops them in the middle of a lesson.”

While Jason observed me during my lessons in the studio, I had the chance to observe Jason in his studio. The diversity of his students, their tastes, and their abilities was striking. Me, a 28 year old picking up a new hobby, to a lawyer taking lessons for herself, to the autistic child learning songs from his favorite CDs, the high-school kid looking to fine-tune his marching band skills, or the little sister who got to take lessons after her brother got grounded. All walks of life, all different tastes and all accommodated by one of the best teachers I’ve known.”

“The most important part of a musician’s journey is finding the right teacher. I found that teacher in Jason. He brings passion, wisdom, skill, and a willingness to listen and explore new ideas to every lesson. You don’t just read out of a book! He is able to communicate effectively as a teacher in a positive and constructive way. His studio is filled with instruments and technology that facilitate learning at a high level. It doesn’t matter how far you want to go or how far you’ve already gone; he can guide you along your path and make sure you’re having fun along the way!”

“Jason helps his students see things in new ways so they can fully understand the subjects. He gives tips to help improve and is welcoming to all skill levels. With his help, I became first chair in my school band and in the Omaha Area Youth Philharmonic. One of the highlights of my week was a lesson with Jason because I knew I’d learn something new and get to drum with one of the best teachers I know.”

“Studying with Jason provided a great foundation for my continued studies as a musician. His enthusiasm is infectious and inspired me to pursue a career in music. Although we focused on drum set, many of the concepts I learned have been helpful in many other areas of percussion and music theory.” 

“You really helped me grow as a drummer and taught me how to be more creative with rudiments and how to apply them around the kit in interesting ways. You helped me with everything from drum kit to marching band stuff and always pushed me to be better.”

“Taking lessons with Jason was an amazing time. I not only got incredibly better playing drums, but a made a lifelong friend and mentor.”

“I learned a lot taking lessons with you. Things that I still use in my life as an artist today. You helped me realize art takes time to fully develop, the process is less procedural and more communicative. Art is a conversation between artists a conversation that takes form over time.”

“As an adult I was a bit nervous about taking drum lessons for the first time. It is something that I had always wanted to do, but I lacked the confidence to play in front of people. Jason was patient and constantly encouraging as he instructed me on the finer points of playing the drums. Jason took his time to develop not only my skills, but my confidence. It was great to learn from someone that is not only a top notch performer, but is able to teach these skills to people of all ages. My 6 year old son is almost old enough for his first lesson and I will definitely be calling Gruv Studio.”

“Taking lessons gave me a great foundation for all the skills, and helped me build upon them!  Jason helped me in many areas of my drumming such as dynamics, limb independence and note accuracy.”

“Taking lessons from Jason was one of the most rewarding decisions I have made during my career as a percussionist. Had I chosen to take lessons from someone else I might not have gained the knowledge and experience I needed to get to the places I am today. Without Jason I wouldn’t have gained the confidence to audition for Dojo Percussion, University of Nebraska Drum Line, or Phantom Regiment. Jason was always finding the right way to teach the material in a fun and interesting way that made things much easier to pick up. Jason was a great mentor and I will always appreciate the knowledge that he gave me!”

“Jason’s passion for teaching was evident in every lesson I had with him. His love for music along with his undeniable skills provided for a fun, always productive, learning environment. He’s the man.” 

“Jason really helped me find an identity as a drummer. I wasn’t just a drone who went through the rudiments and fundamentals without adding my own personal spin. He did teach me all the basics but also taught me how to have fun with it!”

“I always had fun in your classes, Jason. You were always fun and easy to talk to as well as reliable. Thanks for pushing me to do better and making me enjoy every lesson.”

“My lessons with Jason as a young teen prepared me for the exponential expansion of my musical repertoire in high school. It will always be a part of my life!”

“We are pleased with what our son is learning with you – obviously, since we want his younger brother to start this Fall!”

“You are enthusiastic about percussion and willing to teach our son what he is interested in/excited about. You introduce him to a variety of techniques/methods and instruments. You are willing to be flexible with our busy schedules. You continue to work on fundamentals and rudiments. Keep up the good work!”

“My child has enjoyed having you for a teacher. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you have a great way of relating music theory to him. His excited to go to lessons and even more excited when he is finished. Thank you!”

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