Private Lessons

Half hour and hour lessons are available.  Please feel free to contact me to schedule a “meet and greet” to see the studio, meet me and get rate information.

Lessons are offered Monday through Thursday between 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Friday between 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM and Saturday lessons between 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Once enrolled, I give new students a binder for no additional charge.  The binder will have sections that will contain assignments, exercises/drills, rudiments, basic sticking, notation and my Lesson Policies.  I ask students to bring the binder to each lesson to add assignments and track progress.

For school age students just starting with me I usually start with any methods or material that they use in used with their school, prior private teachers or whatever they have been working on themselves.  My goal is trying to spare the expense of a new method book if they already have one.  With that being said if what a student is using is not adequate for their level or direction they want/need to go I will recommend other study materials.

Students are welcome to bring any music to lessons that they would like to learn whether it be method books, charts/music from school, CD’s, mp3’s or songs they are learning with their band.  If need be I’ll look it up online.

Students can bring their own sticks so that they are the most comfortable but I do have spares if they forget.

If you are interested in having me host a clinic or workshop contact me at or give me a call at 402-415-8648.


Each year I have a recital that is open to all of my students.  It is not your typical recital.  I let the student choose what they would like to perform, and I offer my opinion and guidance on what best represents their skills.  The most popular is when the student selects a song that they enjoy listening to and we start working at it on drum set.  I transcribe the song so they can learn new things as they learn the song.  I also usually make adjustments as needed in the transcription to accommodate the students level.  The students will play with a recorded track in front of their peers, family and friends of students.

Though Drum Set is the most popular several students have opted for a traditional snare solo or xylophone piece.  Really, anything goes.  But it has to be a prepared piece that we have studied and be able to read music as they perform.

The recitals have been very popular, with the typical attendance average of around 125 people.  I’ll have to actually host multiple recitals in the future to accommodate the demand.  Typically new students are hesitant to get up in front of a crowd, but I’ve had the majority come off the stage and they had a blast!  Most students start planning what they want to perform at the next recital at their very next lesson!


Clinics are a great educational tool and always end up being fun.  Most are large group setting with demonstration and discussion.  It seems as though drummers are drawn to clinic in particular.  The best part is the discussion.  Clinics are the place where you can ask the questions you’ve always had but never the opportunity.   Clinic often take on a life of their own.  Where as one question leads to another, more in depth discussion.

Clinics also build an excellent sense of community.  Musicians are eternal students.  It brings friends and peers together with the same goal of learning more.  You’ll make new friends.  It will help find people that are interested in what you are interested in.


Workshops are a great way to bring a group of students together that have a focus on a particular style or technique.  For example, Marching Drum Line Workshops are an excellent way to get a Drum Line to play clean and listen to one another or maybe learn new cadences.  Sectional workshops are equally productive.  I have worked with Jazz Band Rhythm Sections to help them understand their roles within the section or play a particular style with more conviction.

Workshops can apply to Teachers as well.  There are times a Band Director may need more guidance with their percussion section.  Someone who can “speak the language” of a percussionist.  The goal is to educate teachers so they can educate their percussion section perform at their best.

Audition and Solo Preparation

Throughout a student musical journey they will no doubt have to audition for something.  I.E. – Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chair Placement, All-State, etc.  I can help them fine tune and learn what they’ll need to know.  I can also help them take what they know and bring it to the next level.

If a student is needing help with a solo piece for a music contest or recital, I can help them gain the confidence that they will be able perform the piece with proficiency.

Percussion Transcriptions

I offer transcription services as well.  With several years of transcribing not only for my professional career, I’ve been transcribing songs for students ever since I’ve started teaching.  Many of my students use what I’ve transcribed to perform at recitals, concerts and talent shows.   It may be that you need a part of song that is not available in written form or you need a whole song.  Either way, I can give you a note for note transcription.  If you want it written out in it’s completion or just a specific fill or pattern.

I can also simplify a song if you want it more generalized so you can just have the basic idea of the fill or pattern.  If you’d rather have in more of a “chart” form, I can do that as well.

Depending on the complexity and length of what you need transcribe the time frame I allow is anywhere from 48 hours to 7 days.


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