“Research reveals strong connections between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities in toddlers.”

A neural synchronous framework for language development in Association for Research in Otolaryngology Symposium. 


“Students who take music in middle school score significantly higher on algebra assignments in 9th grade than their non-music counterparts.”

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“Nearly 100% of past winners in the prestigious Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science and Technology (for high school students) play one or more musical instruments.”

The Midland Chemist (American Chemical Society) Vol.42, No.1.



Private or Group Drum Lessons in my home studio focused on improving each student regardless of age or level.  Learn more here!

Clinics / Workshops

Need help with your Drum Line?  Want to strengthen your Jazz Band Rhythm section?  Looking for someone to demonstrate and discuss percussion for your school? Learn more here!

Musician For Hire

30+ years experience playing a broad range of styles, I can step in and give you what you need.  Learn more about my playing experience!

Who and What

My name is Jason and I have 24+ years experience as a drum teacher and clinician, and 30+ years as a performer in the Milwaukee metro and Omaha metro and surrounding areas.  If you are looking for private drum lessons, group drum lessons, a clinician or a sub for your band in the Omaha metro and surrounding areas, please read further.

As a student myself, I have always preferred to learn through one on one lessons versus a classroom setting.  For me, it works better.  The student can ask an in depth question, and the teacher can answer/explain in a way that particular student understands.  The teacher can then provide a visual demonstration so the student can hear and see, to reinforce the explanation along with showing how something should sound and how it should not sound.  I love it when a student stops me to ask a question.  My answer can open a door to a concept they have always wondered about but didn’t fully grasp.  I love seeing the light bulbs turn on when my answers and demonstrations connect the dots for my students.


Although my studio is in Millard, students travel from Bennington, Gretna, Elkhorn, Blair, Ralston, Bellevue, Fort Calhoun, Waterloo, Fremont and even Council Bluffs, Red Oak and Woodbine Iowa to take lessons.  I also have out of state students that take online lessons!

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