My Goal

I want students to start playing ASAP.  If they’re starting at the very beginning, I’ll show them how to easily play a pattern/rhythm and be able explore with it at home.  If they walked through the door knowing how to play a certain pattern, I’ll teach them new ways to apply it and create with it.    Students know what they want to learn, I know what they need to learn to achieve their goals.  My aim is to help all students get better and reach a higher level while educating and empowering them along the way.


My Approach

An advantage with private lessons is the ability to tailor my approach for each student or group. Everyone learns differently. If you’re a beginner, lessons will focus on the basics for a strong fundamental foundation to continue with challenging styles. For the experienced player, I can expand your drum vocabulary and offer new challenges to make you a better musician.

I make drum lessons fun.  Music should be a pleasure, not a chore.  With that being said, it takes commitment to become a musician.  Practice is required but how you go about it is important.  Consistency is key.  It’s much better to practice 15 minutes every day rather than 3 hours before your lesson.  Most people ask, “How long should I practice?”.  The best response to that is, “How good do you want to be?”.  The more you practice the better you become.


My Story

I started off playing snare drum in 5th grade.  I chose it because my older brother was playing drums.  As I got older, I would sneak downstairs to play his drum set hoping he’d never find out.  He eventually did, but that soon turned into me practicing as much as I could.  Nobody made me practice, I just really enjoyed it!  By the time I was 15, I was asked to join a band and started to earn a wage playing songs I was making up as I played.  Soon, more offers came and by the time I was ready to go to college, I had played for several bands and decided to major in Music Education.

Now with a BFA in Music Education, I specialize in personalized private drum/percussion instruction. My students’ ages range from young children to adults. From beginners who do not know music notation and might be playing in their schools or churches to established professional musicians that want a new approach.  Also included are hobbyists/enthusiasts that are looking for a fun outlet. In addition, I have experience teaching individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. My areas of focus are drum set, marching percussion, concert band percussion, hand percussion, as well as auxiliary percussion.


Next Step

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